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Frequently Asked Questions

Motor Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) we often receive from our customers about motor insurance that can help. Please call us at (868) 625-4788 if you have any other questions.

What is an excess?

An excess is the first portion of a claim that the insured must pay when making a claim.


It can be expressed as a percentage of the value of the vehicle or as a sum of money, for example, $1,000.00. The excess must be paid whenever you are at fault or not.

What is Full Comprehensive Insurance Coverage?

A comprehensive policy covers you for loss or damage to your motor vehicle & its accessories and spare parts while on the vehicle in the event of an accident. The comprehensive policy also covers liability to third parties in the event of an accident.


Comprehensive policyholders also enjoy the benefits of Windscreen Coverage, Fire & Theft & Presidential Assist.

What is Third-Party Insurance Coverage?

Our third-party insurance provides coverage for bodily injury to or death of third parties and damage to their property as a result of an accident arising out of the negligent use of your motor vehicle.

What is a No Claim Discount (NCD)?

An NCD is a discount that you can earn for not making claims under your policy.


Once you do not have an accident, this discount will increase at each renewal up to a maximum after five (5) years.

Who is authorized to drive my vehicle?

If the policy is not restricted, you and any person who is driving with your consent provided that the person is 25 years of age and over and holds a valid driver's permit for more than 2 years.


For anyone under the age of 25 years and/or driving for less than 2 years, this individual must be named as an authorized driver on the policy.

What should I do in the event of an accident?

Don't panic! If possible, exchange insurance and driver's permit information. You should then report the accident to the police and if necessary, please call presidential assist for wrecking services.


Come into our Port of Spain office, San Fernando office, or our Tobago office, and report the accident to us as soon as possible. Click here for a complete list of documents that you will need when filing a claim.

What should I do if I lose my certificate of insurance?

You must get the certificate replaced since you should not drive your motor vehicle without a valid insurance certificate. Make a police report, then make a statutory declaration regarding the lost certificate.


Submit these documents to us, so we can reissue your insurance certificate.

What do I do if I sell my car? Can I sell my insurance?

No, you cannot sell your insurance.


If you sell your vehicle during your period of cover, you must notify us so that the policy can be canceled or suspended.

Why do I need a certified copy?

Vehicles are transferred on a regular basis and our duty is to ensure the settlement cheque is payable to the registered owner of the vehicle. The only way to verify this is to obtain a certified copy.


Payments will be made to the registered owner of the certified copy.

Does my premium increase if I have a windscreen claim?

No. Your premium is not affected by a windscreen claim.

How do I make a claim?

It's simple! Follow the following steps to make a claim:

1. Gather all the required documents. Click here

2. Fill out our claims form. 

3. Drop your form and documents to our head office at Port of Spain, our San Fernando branch office, or our Tobago office for processing. View our locations

How long does it take to process a claim?

Although every client is unique, our mission has always been to provide a timely settlement of claims. Get in touch with us, share your report, and a company representative will reach out to provide an accurate timeframe.

How will I be notified about my claim?

We will contact you via email or phone call once a claim has been submitted.


Please provide us with all your contact information when making a claim.

Tips and guides for safer driving

Your safety is a priority, and at Presidential Insurance, we believe that the safe way is the only way. See what we recommend when you are on and off the road.

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