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Motor Insurance
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Motor Insurance


At Presidential Insurance, our mission is to ensure that all of our clients feel secure and satisfied at all times. We compensate our clients in the event of a loss/damage due to an accident collision, fire, burglary, or theft.

Our agents can work with you and help you get affordable, personalized, and the best coverage for your motor insurance policy. 

Types of Motor Insurance coverages

Our Third Party Insurance policy provides coverage for bodily injury to or death of third parties and damage incurred to their property as a result of an accident arising out of the negligent use of your motor vehicle.

In addition to the third party coverage, our Third Party Fire and Theft policy provides coverage for fire and theft of your vehicle.

Presidential Insurance Company Ltd. covers you in the event of damage to your vehicle by accident collision, fire or theft, and third party damages to their property, inclusive of personal injury or death.

We offer Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Fully Comprehensive Insurance coverage to help protect you and your passengers each and every day!

What do you need to get a quote?


Car Details

To insure with us, we would require the year, make, model, value, and your vehicle's registration number (number plate).


Driver Details

For all drivers, we require your personal information including your name, contact information, date of birth, any non-motoring convictions, and defensive driving certificate (if applicable).


Driving History

We require your claims history including details of any previous accidents, and for safe driver bonuses your no claims discount (NCD).


License Details

We require information on your license, such as your drivers' license issue date.

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Additional Benefits




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Other Insurance Products

property insurance

We offer services for Property Insurance. This includes fire. theft & natural hazards.

fire & theft insurance

Get Fire & Theft coverage for your vehicle.

Marine Insurance

We provide protection on boats from damage incurred during water transport.

Essential tips & guides for safer driving

Your safety is a priority, and at Presidential Insurance, we believe that the safe way is the only way.


Heavy rainfall and strong winds can cause damage not only to your home, but your car too. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare your vehicle for the hurricane season.


Wet Weather Driving Tips

Wet road conditions are accountable for a lot of accidents and it is vital that all road users take extra precautionary measures when driving in wet weather. See what we recommend.


Vehicle Tint Laws

Ensure that you get your vehicle's tint levels tested at a reputable tint shop, in compliance with the new regulations on vehicle tint effective on June 6th, 2021.

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