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Essential tips & guides for safer driving, road regulations, healthier lifestyle & more

Driving & Vehicle Safety Tips

Your safety is a top priority, and at Presidential Insurance, we believe that the safe way is the only way.


How to navigate a roundabout safely

Learning how to navigate a roundabout can prevent unnecessary collisions or misunderstandings with other drivers.

Follow our tips that are aimed to help you drive around a roundabout safely.


Car maintenance can help save lives and finances

Maintaining your vehicle minimizes the chances of others claiming that you were at fault in an accident. Being able to prove that your vehicle has been maintained regularly and that you are not negligent in keeping your vehicle in good condition can go a long way in an accident claim.


How new technology can impact drivers safety

Many car features can help you be safe while on the road. Some technological innovations even help you to improve your driving skills.


All of these are essential to staying safe while driving.


Wet weather driving safety tips

Wet road conditions are accountable for a lot of accidents and it is vital that all road users take extra precautionary measures when driving in wet weather. See what we recommend.


Child passenger safety: Car seats & booster seats

Never let a kid ride unbuckled! Keeping children safe on the road means putting them in the right safety restraint at the right age.


Abide by the law and check your vehicle tint levels

Be in the know! Check your vehicle tint levels in accordance to the law to avoid being ticketed.

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