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Safe Drivers Reward

Reap the rewards for being a safe driver and earn up to 60% OFF your car insurance!

Presidential Insurance does appreciate and value our safe drivers! As a reward, we offer No Claims Discounts (NCD) to our customers who don't make a claim.

This is accumulated on an annual basis on the comprehensive third party.

CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE: (868) 625 4788

Essential Tips & Guides For Safer Driving

Your safety is a priority, and at Presidential Insurance, we believe that the safe way is the only way.


Heavy rainfall and strong winds can cause damage not only to your home, but your car too. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare your vehicle for the hurricane season.


Wet Weather Driving Tips

Wet road conditions are accountable for a lot of accidents and it is vital that all road users take extra precautionary measures when driving in wet weather. See what we recommend.


Vehicle Tint Laws

Ensure that you get your vehicle's tint levels tested at a reputable tint shop, in compliance with the new regulations on vehicle tint effective on June 6th, 2021.


Child Passenger Safety

Never let a kid ride unbuckled! Keeping children safe on the road means putting them in the right safety restraint at the right age.

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