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Third-Party Insurance

Stay safe on the nations roads with affordable Motor Insurance tailored to your needs.

What is third-party coverage?

Third-Party Motor Insurance provides you with the minimum motor vehicle coverage which is required by law in Trinidad & Tobago.


Our Third Party Insurance policy provides coverage for bodily injury to or death of third parties and damage incurred to their property as a result of an accident arising out of the negligent use of your motor vehicle.

Optional cover at a small annual fee includes:

Presidential Assist - This is a roadside assistance service that is available 24/7!

We provide reliable, quality, and affordable insurance products throughout Trinidad & Tobago.


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This policy covers you in the event of damage to your vehicle by accident collision, fire or theft, and third party damages to their property, inclusive of personal injury or death.


Our third-party fire and theft insurance provides coverage for the policyholder in the event that their car is stolen or damaged by fire, as well as coverage for any damage made to a third party, their vehicle, or property due to an accident.


We offer Third-Party, Third-Party Fire & Theft, and Full Comprehensive coverage to protect you and your passengers!

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