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How to navigate a roundabout

Driving around a roundabout requires some basic understanding and following of traffic rules, and can help prevent unnessary collisions or misunderstandings with other drivers. 

The following steps are aimed to help you drive a roundabout successfully:


Approach the roundabout

Slow down as you approach the roundabout and be prepared to yield to any traffic already in the roundabout.


Choose your lane

Before entering the roundabout, decide which lane you need to be in based on your intended exit. If you're taking the first exit, use the left lane. If you're taking any other exit, use the right lane.


Yield to traffic

If there is any traffic already in the roundabout, you must yield to them. Wait until there is a gap in the traffic before entering the roundabout.


Enter the roundabout

Once you enter the roundabout, maintain a constant speed and keep to your lane. Do not change lanes while in the roundabout.


Stay in the roundabout

Continue driving in the roundabout until you reach your desired exit. Look out for pedestrians and cyclists who may be crossing the roundabout.


Exit the roundabout

Signal your intention to exit the roundabout and make sure to keep to your lane as you exit.


Keep driving

After exiting the roundabout, continue driving as normal.

Remember to always stay alert and pay attention to other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists while driving around a roundabout.

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