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Types of Motor Insurance Coverages

What different Motor Insurance options are there? 

When you get a motor insurance policy with Presidential, you have four different cover types to choose from: 


  • Third-Party Coverage

  • Full Comprehensive Coverage

  • Third-Party Fire & Theft Coverage

  • Taxi Coverage.


The main difference between them is that Comprehensive Motor Insurance covers your car in case it is damaged accidentally - even if you were at fault.

No matter which type of cover you choose, The Presidential Insurance Company Ltd. car insurance policies have been designed from the ground up based on the wants and needs of drivers like you.



What does my insurance cover?

Third-Party Motor Insurance provides you with the minimum coverage which is required by law in Trinidad & Tobago.


Our Third Party Insurance policy provides coverage for bodily injury to or death of third parties and damage incurred to their property as a result of an accident arising out of the negligent use of your motor vehicle.

Optional cover at a small annual fee includes:
Presidential Assist (Roadside Assistance) - This is a roadside assistance service that is available 24/7!

Presidential Insurance Company Ltd. covers you in the event of damage to your vehicle by accident collision, fire or theft, and third party damages to their property, inclusive of personal injury or death.

Comprehensive policyholders enjoy the following benefits:

  • Special Perils

  • Windscreen Coverage

  • Fire & Theft

  • Third-Party Liability

  • Presidential Assist (Roadside Assistance)

In addition to the third party coverage, our Third Party Fire and Theft policy provides coverage for fire and theft of your vehicle.

We offer Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Fully Comprehensive Insurance coverage to help protect you and your passengers every day!

Essential Tips & Guides For Safer Driving

Your safety is a priority, and at Presidential Insurance, we believe that the safe way is the only way.


Heavy rainfall and strong winds can cause damage not only to your home, but your car too. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare your vehicle for the hurricane season.


Wet road conditions are accountable for a lot of accidents and it is vital that all road users take extra precautionary measures when driving in wet weather. See what we recommend.


Never let a kid ride unbuckled! Keeping children safe on the road means putting them in the right safety restraint at the right age.

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